Whatsapp Defender Documentation


1) Download .Net Framework 4.8.1 runtime setup from Bellow url

What is WaDefender

WaDefender – Is Windows based software which runs on PC. While sending messages on whatsapp using any Bulk sender, Peoples are offen get banned and the dont know why, Using this Software you will know the strongness of your whatsapp account so that you can send more messages to your target audiance , more strongness means more messages you can send. check your strongess of each Module (i.e. total number of chat) if you account not much stronger then you can follow Suggessions But again there is no any fixed limit as such.

How to Use WaDefender

How to Activate Whatsapp Defender Software?

1. After Successful installation, when you first time open Whatsapp Defender Software, it will ask you for Activation Like below image:


2. To Activate WaDefender , Copy The “Activation CODE” from this window


3. Open the following link : https://forms.gle/tYJvT18oyaWg9dj78 & fill up this form Activation licence form.

4. Our Technical Team will check the details provided by you, and provide you the licence key within 24 Hrs on your email.

Modules Explainations