HealthSense Glass-Top PS 117 Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale (Black/Gray)


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  • Design: symmetrical, vinyl, grey blocked anti-skid platform on jet black toughened glass surface with curved edges for added safety, skid-proof feet provide added stability and rollover protection
  • Efficient monitoring: precision g-sensors perfectly devised with a manufacturing tolerance of plus or minus 300G giving you the most accurate results every time you step on
  • How to calibrate: place scale on a hard, flat surface, initialize by pressing one foot on the scale until random numbers appear on screen, remove foot as it returns to zero (0.0) Now weigh yourself
  • Weight variations: it is suggested to always ignore the first reading for calibration every time, The scale is moved, shift the scale as less as possible to avoid malfunctions
  • Familiar and important: body weight tends to fluctuate throughout the day as per foot and liquid intake
  • Reliable features: large black LCD with backlight, skid-proof base, 3kg-180kg weight range, 3 measuring units, step-on technology, error and low battery indicators
  • Service and warranty: 1-year health sense India off-site service warranty on manufacturing defects to ensure quality customer support, please contact us for warranty claims
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health sense digital weighing scale
HealthSense Glass-Top PS 117 Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale (Black/Gray)


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